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River Breeze Residence

The majestic building overlooks the historic peninsula of Kliversala, surrounding the residence with greenery and the beautiful Daugava River.

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Blue Marine

A thought-out living environment, complemented by modern architecture, carefully selected materials and high-quality interior details.

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Quarter overview

Quarter overview

  • 18 min to airport

  • 7 min to old town

  • 9 min to city center



Greenery is but a walking distance away from the Old Town. The views are magnificent beside the river and the area itself offers additional benefits.

  • The quarter

    Kliversala Quarter is an elegant and lively city quarter for mobile people, equally fit for living and visiting. Today, River Breeze Residence has been completed and Blue Marine is under completion.

  • The peninsula is in the most picturesque and beautiful part of the center of Riga and it is only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town. There are not many places in Europe which are located in the heart of the city, have great views and are all at while enchantingly quiet.

  • The first apartment building in the new Kliversala Quarter is River Breeze Residence, known for its distinctive round architecture and premium quality. The luxury building has won several architectural awards and recognitions of responsibility. It offers great views of the city skyline and towers of the Old Town. The shape of the building allows you to capture as much daylight as possible. The first floors of the building are townhouse-style apartments with a terraces overseeing the greenery on the banks of Daugava River.

  • Kliversala Quarter at whole will be a unique residential area, where the metropolitan atmosphere, contemporary architecture and a natural environment meet. An urban space that serves as a modern hub.

  • The area holds a rich history. In the 19th century, Kliversala was a vital transit route for Jelgava Train Station and Latvia's largest shipyard. It is also known for being an oasis for artists. Kliversala has been closed to people since World War II, but with the development of the quarter, the lively city ambience, culture and community will come to life and revive itself.

  • Kliversala Quarter is located by the Kliversala Peninsula, on the left bank of the Daugava River. The area of almost 5 hectares, which will become an integral part of the city in the future, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Vivid history

Kliversala has preserved its beauty throughout centuries and holds a vivid history. In the 19th century, Kliversala was a vital transit artery between Riga and Jelgava and the biggest shipyard in Latvia. Kliversala is the closest part of Agenskalns next Daugava River. The island was first mentioned in chronicles dating back to 1248. The name comes from the merchant Dietrich Kliver, who rented it from the Riga City Council in the 17th Century. The land plot of Kliversala is almost 5 hectares and is located within the UNESCO heritage protection area.


Superb location

Surprising scenery

Close to the Old Town, next to the marina - this upcoming quarter encapsules the dreamy, NYC’esque high life.

National Library

National Library



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